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for improving sperm

  • Up to five time greater ejaculation of the semen
  • Significantly longer and stronger orgasms
  • Better control over erection and ejaculation
  • No adverse effects
  • Improves the functioning of the immune system
  • Optimal combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals

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Semen volume?

An insufficient amount of sperm is mainly an issue for older men. However, due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyles, an increasing number of young men have this problem. A greater amount of semen means more powerful and intensive orgasms, while reducing recovery time after the orgasm. The greater the quantity of semen in the body, the faster and more intensively the muscles work, producing more powerful and long-lasting orgasms. The process of orgasm relies on a system of muscles, which responds very quickly and powerfully. The muscle system involved in orgasm includes the pelvic muscles, anal canal, rectum, prostate, perineum, seminal vesicles and muscles of the penis. Once you ejaculate, your orgasm is over. You must wait for enough semen to be produced before you can engage in the activity again. The amount of semen not only affects the duration of the orgasm, but also its intensity. The greater the amount of the semen, the stronger the muscles respond. With the help of natural ingredients in Voluman capsules, it is possible to substantially accelerate the production of semen and influence the quantity.


How does it work?

Voluman is composed of optimal combination of herbs and anti-oxidants, which play a major role in controlling hormones and the production of semen, while strengthening the immune system and contributing to faster recovery after sex. With Voluman capsules you can increase sperm quantity by over five times.

  • increase the secretion of seminal vesicles, which presents 70% of the semen
  • increase the secretion of the prostate, which presents 30% of the semen
  • increase the quantity of the liquid produced by bulbourethral gland, which affects the amount and shape of the semen
  • increases the number of sperm cells, their motility and morphology

The greater the quantity of semen in the body, the stronger and more intense the orgasms. Sperm quantity reduces recovery time after orgasm.

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